Why wear positive clothing?

Choosing to wear positive is a daily reminder to not only think with a positive mindset, but to live it through every aspect of life including our attire. Our bodies operate best at certain frequencies and when wearing positive clothing, it raises our vibration.

Who is Masaru Emoto?

Masaru Emoto’s work is the inspiration of WearPositiveCo. He was a natural healer who devoted many years of his career to the research and discovery of water consciousness. Throughout his practices and experiences, he concluded that human consciousness influences the molecular structure of water with written or typed words, prayers and pictures.

What’s positive about your clothing?

WearPositiveCo apparel transfers positive intentions through vibrations from the clothing to the individual wearing it. We make them ethically in our shops and strive to use materials that are environmentally friendly and locally sourced.

What are positive affirmations and why are they on your clothing?

Positive affirmations are statements we say or think that have a strong influence on how we live our daily lives. It’s a beginning point on the path of our subconscious mind to positive change. By wearing positive words and affirmations, we are changing the molecular structure of the water in our bodies which can improve vitality, delay aging and prevent disease.

Does WearPositiveCo donate to any causes or charity?

We would like to continue the concept that the Emoto Peace Project initially first started. Essentially, for each shirt sold we would like to donate a free book to a child and spread the message of water consciousness.

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